The sound of Angela’s voice

Angela speech is almost unrecognisable now and she relies on the application that she has installed on her phone called “speak for me”, or should I say that she uses the application that I have installed on my iPhone, which is called “Talk for Me Text to Speech”, because she keeps draining the battery on her phone playing games.

The application Talk for Me Text to Speech is an excellent piece of software, it was designed by a gentlemen who had lost the ability to speak, and it is free to download in the App Store on iPhone for anyone wishing to download it.

Angela simply types in what she wants to say and the app speaks for her, the problem is that the sound on the phones is limited and when we are out in the town it is hard to hear what she is trying to say.

After reading Victoria’s blog about the issues they had at the parliamentary reception with not being able to hear what Angela was trying to say, I came up with an idea that may help, I am sorry I did not think of it sooner though.

I purchased a portable Bluetooth speaker from Amerzon which fits in the palm of your hand; I connected it to her phone and then placed it on the windowsill halfway up the stairs, Angela can type anywhere in the house and I can hear her.

It will also go behind her seat when we go out in the power-chair, which is now known as Chuggabug in honour of Wacky Races.

There are other ways of doing it, such as Bluetooth headphones for instance, but that is limited to only one person been able to hear at a time, and I have to think about the times when Angela’s daughters Victoria and Hannah are out and about with us.

I had intended to wire the house with sound, but I have had to hold off on doing that until we move home, which the council seem to be taking their time over.

For every problem there is a solution if you look hard enough for it, for Angela though there will never be anything better than having the ability to speak with her own voice, but for now this will serve its purpose.

The hospital said that at some point when Angela’s movements are limited they will give her eye tracking software to communicate, the main thing is that she will have a voice throughout, even if that voice is not her own…