The changes we face

It has been a while since I posted anything, I apologise for any errors in my text this is due to a few problems that I am having at present . The lateness is mainly due to the fact that I have not had the time to sit down and write. Over the last few months there have been many issues that Angela and I have had to face.

We moved into a ground floor flat in January of this year, initially the neighbours were the problem as we kept getting complaints about the dogs, after the construction of a fence on the patio area to segregate the dogs from the communal garden the complaints stopped.

Next came the problem with my sight in that the interocular pressure rose to danger level, after laser surgery the pressure began to come down. I am now going to the glaucoma clinic every few week instead of every six months.

Angela’s health has changed over the last few months too as she is now more dependant on the wheelchair, she is also needing more help in that I have to help her to the toilet as well as help her to wash and dress, she is my wife and I love her, so I don’t mind doing all this.

We even have a daily routine now, I am up at six in a morning and get the house done before Angels gets up, it takes a couple of hours to do the medication and get Angela ready to go out. Angela is on five lots of medication, two of which are in pill form, they need to be crushed with the pill crusher.

The other three other types of medication are liquids, the nurse comes every morning and does the crushed pills, but I have to administer all the liquid medication.

It is getting harder, and we are having to adapt to many changes. For instance It is getting more difficult for Angela to type, as a trained typist her fingers were like a blur on the keyboard. It is so difficult for her not to be able to do the things that she is trained in anymore.

I have tried to make it a little easier for her by taking away some of the typing by using my background in programming to make her a new speech app for her phone, but as things progress I know that this will be of little use one day.

The hospital arranged for a profiling bed, when it arrived it was nearly 7ft in length. We have limited space so our bed had to go to make room for all the medical equipment that is coming.

Angela is only 4ft 11in, when she get in the bed she slides down as the top is lifted, she prefers to sleep in he riser recliner chair. I tried the bed and could only stand it for thirty minutes, I now sleep on the sofa, which is about as comfortable as a pile of bricks.

The problem is that they deliver the equipment, but they are slow at taking it back when it’s not needed, and we have to store it. I told the nurse last time i was going to give any leftover equipment to the scrap man if it’s still here because we really do need the space.

Social services are now arranging to have the bed taken away, they have arranged for a carer to come in and help Angela out with washing, they start in just under two weeks time, this will give me more time to get the house done as well as the mountain of ironing that resembles mount Everest.

Because of Angela’s drop foot she had been referred to orthotics to have a support made for her ankle, they decided the best to do this was to have cleats fitted to a shoe. We have been back and forth to the hospital with different pairs of shoes only for them to be rejected, we handed a new pair in last week, so far we have not had them rejected.

We have more visitors tomorrow who are coming with some more equipment which should make things a little easier for Angela, It is very stressful at times for us both as with all the visitors, and appointments, it feels like your life is not your own.


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