Where has the time gone?

Early this year my then partner Angela, who is now my wife, was diagnosed with MND, six months have now passed and that time seems to have gone by so quickly. We will be spending a few days in London this week as Angela is attending the parliamentary reception in aid of the MNDA, while we are in London we will also be meeting Victoria’s partner’s parents who funded the new power-chair so we can thank them in person.

It is hard to believe that we are only two months away from Christmas. Christmas is going to be hard this year because it is always at the back of my mind that this maybe our last one together. I will make my Christmas wish now, I don’t want anything except this horrible disease to go away and give me a long and happy life with the woman I fell in love with.

Life can be so cruel, it gives you a glimpse of happiness only to snatch it away from you if you look like you are too happy, yesterday, we had someone at the door asking “do I believe in life after death” I politely said I’m not interested. I just felt like taking the flyers and ripping them to bits, it is a mixture of emotions for me, sadness, at the thought of losing her, and also anger that this is even happening at all.

A few days away will do Angela and I some good, a change of scenery is what we need to take our minds off the MND for a while. The only problem is that you can travel the world, but you can’t run away from what’s in your mind and when you return the MND returns with you.

I am trying to find something to occupy my mind, at the moment; I am studying the history of our country for a new website I am building and I am also writing about something that I know well, which is cyber security, it is hard though because at times my mind wonders off topic and back to the MND, and at that point I just end up powering down the computer, so it may take a while to finish it…


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