The New Powerchair Arrives

New Powerchair
Angela in her new Kite Powerchair that we received today

Today we took delivery of Angela’s new power-chair, it is the Kite power-chair manufactured by Invacare. We decided to take it out for a little test-drive to see how Angela can handle it before we attempted to take it out on its maiden voyage into Leeds. With the power-chair on its lowest power setting, we set off taking it slowly round the block a couple of times so Angela could get the feel for it, it comes with a 70 amp battery, so it will cover a range of 20+ miles easy.


The power-chair is really easy to manage and within a couple of circuits, Angela was driving like a professional, so we decided to take it a step further and go down to Springhead park, the park is about 0.8 miles from where we live. The old manual wheelchair that she was using was a bit tricky when it came to curbs, if the curb happen to have a slight lip, and if you happen to catch said lip, the chair would stop dead and tip forward.


The kite has no such problems and climbed them with ease. Coming home we put it to the ultimate test and set off up a fairly steep hill that before was near impossible to climb with the manual chair, Angela thought it may be too steep, but again the chair climbed it with ease.


The power-chair has a number of features, at the flip of a switch the motor puts Angela into a reclining position, the foot rests also have motors in them and enable you to lift either leg or both legs together, it comes with indicators and headlights for night-time driving as well as thick puncture proof tyres.


We had the chair fitted with a dual control, which is at the rear of the chair. Because of the MND, there will come a time when Angela can no longer steer herself, so the dual controls maximises the length of to time that the chair will be usable. Within an hour of delivery I was on the phone to Mark Bates Ltd, they provide insurance for mobility scooters. I was advised that because of the dual control we needed insurance for any drivers, so the chair is now insured.


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