Angela’s New Powerchair

Yesterday we paid for Angela’s new power-chair and it will be delivered on Monday, it has now been configured with dual controls, this will give her some freedom to move around outside herself and I can take over when she gets tired.  She is already thrilled at the prospect of once again having the opportunity to take Oscar (our pug) to the park again like she used to.


The MND has been hard on us all, but it is felt the hardest by Angela herself, it is so upsetting for her that she can no longer do the things that she used to like go running and taking Oscar out for a walk.  This new power-chair will at least give her one of those things back. I am still dreading the day though when I get that call telling me that she has run out of battery power on the M62!


Angela has had a go in a power-chair, but she finds it difficult to control, it will be strange for a while and she needs to adapt to it.  We are used to moving around under our own power and having to rely on a machine to do that for her now, will feel so strange. However, once she gets used to it she will be fine, we may even enter her in a drag racing competition.


I know from my own disability how hard it is to adapt to changes in one’s life, especially when these changes are out of your control and they are thrust upon you.  You have to learn new ways of doing everyday tasks that before were so easy to perform, but now we find those mundane tasks so strenuous and frustrating to do.


Given time and patience I have no doubt that Angela will adapt and accept the power-chair and she can begin her quest to terrorise the pigeons of Leeds as she weaves through the streets at 4 mph yelling “die pigeons, die” as the poor little birds flee for their lives!!!


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