Parliamentary Reception for the MNDA


Me and Angela flashing the T-shirts yesterday in support of the MNDA

We went to the mobility centre yesterday and put a deposit down on a new powerchair for Angela.  They are now fitting it with dual controls on the back so that I can take over the controls for it when Angela can’t do it anymore. It will give her some independence and take the pressure off a bit when we go out.

It is a really nice chair that does everything bar take the dog for a walk; I have had visions of waking up one morning and she is not here by my side, she is on the A1 heading for London in the chair, “Angela, where are you?” The reply I get is “I’m in the services; I just dropped in to put the chair on charge for an hour”. We can’t thank the people who helped us get this new chair enough, the new items don’t stop there, we also have a new king size bed being delivered this week, so no longer do my legs hang over the bottom of the bed by a foot, no longer will I wake up with blue feet from the frostbite.

With regard to the MND, I have noticed changes in Angela in the last few weeks in that she is finding it harder to swallow and her speech is almost unnoticeable now, she is also getting tired more. It is incredibly hard to watch it happening before my eyes and know that there is nothing that I can do about it. I try to convince myself that it’s not happening that the changes are not occurring, but they are happening; all I can do is be here for her all the way with love and support.

It is a frightening time and the one person that is experiencing that fear the most is Angela herself, myself and her daughters are here for her every step of the way, but we don’t know how Angela really feels inside, only someone who is going through the same will truly understand how Angela feels about this. We are going to London next month. I am hoping that Angela will have her new powerchair by then, I can load the luggage on the back of it, believe me she does not travel light.

While we are in London Angela will be going to meet other MND sufferers and meet with MPs at a Parliamentary Reception organised by the MNDA, where they will talk about  getting more money to help with the rising costs for MND sufferers and their families and to enable MND sufferers to have some quality of life. Please show your support for this by filling in the form here and requesting your local MP attend the Reception on the 17th October.

On the upside of things we try to keep active and when we get back from London we are going into Leeds to see the animated dinosaur exhibit, we only have to watch Oscar (our Pug) tear into a bowl of chicken for that one, and then in November Angela is going to an OMD concert. No, I had never heard of them either until she told me about them…


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