London Visit

Well we have just started making plans for our journey to London next month; we booked the train tickets this afternoon and everything else is falling into place nicely. All we have to do now is book somewhere for the little and large, also known as Sam and Oscar, (three guesses which one Oscar is).  Once that is done we are on the train and away we go for a few days touring around London.

Victoria is putting an itinerary together of places for us to visit; I would like to go and see the Royal Academy of Art. Yes, I know what you are thinking me and art, I am under no illusions, I know there will not be any pictures of Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin hanging on the wall, but a man can dream though. I would also like to go and visit Buckingham Palace; they only show you it from the front on the news. I would like to have a look round the back and see if I can see Prince Philip stuffing the empty pizza boxes and beer cans in the wheelie bin!

Come on, we all know that when the cameras are off them, the Royal Family are just like us, the Queen is down in front of the television watching Coronation Street while eating a chicken curry, Prince Philip is in the Rolls and on his way down to Bargain Booze (other off licences are available!) for a six-pack, because, if he’s anything like me, he would rather watch two snails run the London Marathon than watch the soaps. Camilla has gone down the bingo for a couple of hours while Prince Charles has his weekly poker night.

All joking aside though, I am a supporter of the Royals as they do bring in a lot of revenue for the UK economy, and it is nice to see the Queen after all those years of service still going strong and serving her country well. It has been many years since I was in London and I am looking forward to going now and seeing if they have managed to get all the pigeon muck of Nelson’s hat yet…


One thought on “London Visit

  1. I am looking forward to going to London to visit my daughter, Victoria and her partner, James and his family. Their kindness in the face of adversity is beyond any words I can express here and I am so grateful for what they are about to do for us.


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