“Blackpool, The Golden Mile”

Blackpool, September 2017, “Soaking up the vitamin D like a solar panel”


Saturday, 2nd of September marks the one-week anniversary of me and Angela exchanging our wedding vows, we decided to mark the occasion and spend the day in Blackpool. We picked the perfect day for it as well because the sun was shining all afternoon. It didn’t start off to well as I had a fall immediately after leaving the house. We only just made the train. When we got on the train it was so full that there were prams in the toilet so no one could use them.  The conductor kept asking for people to give up their seat to woman who had babies so I kept moving and I spend a most of the train ride standing.

It was worth it though when we arrived in Blackpool. We walked along the Golden Mile from the North Pier to the Pleasure Beach.  We saw this huge column with people just jumping off the top, no they weren’t committing suicide off the Blackpool Tower, they were para gliders jumping from a crane. Angela said to me “l would do that” of course she would.  Me on the other hand I don’t like heights and I would not put my life in the hands of an oversized handkerchief.  Angela keeps trying to get me to go up the Blackpool Tower and the only way that will ever happen is if I’m bound and gagged and dragged up kicking and screaming
So, we watched a while and then carried on with our walk towards the Pleasure Beach with me pushing the chair swerving in and out of the crowds of people and Angela with her legs sticking out in front to act as a battering ram. We were also a bit cheeky in that we both needed to loo so we nipped in a bar on the front to use the facilities then made a quick exit without buying a drink, we hurried away from there looking like something from an old Benny Hill sketch.

After what seemed like hours of walking, I kept looking back to see the Tower getting smaller and smaller, we eventually arrived at the Pleasure Beach, we didn’t go in because been from Yorkshire we are careful with our money! OK, I am tight and refuse to pay the entrance fee there I said it. We sat and watched from across the road the Pepsi Max rollercoaster. Angela spotted an open air tram and wanted to ride it back to the North Pier, there were plenty of trams that had a perfectly good roof on them, but she wanted to go on that one, even though it meant we had to sit there forty minutes for it to come back round again because they already had a wheelchair on and no room for ours.

I asked Angela if she had any change on her for the tram, she reached in to her purse and pulled a wad of notes out. I knew there was a reason why her handbag is always so heavy and why she bolts it to the wheelchair when we are out, it’s because of the mini printer she has in there to run off a batch of £20 notes when she needs them. Anyway, out came a twenty and we rode the tram back.

So, we had a lovely day in Blackpool, Angela got some much needed vitamin D and we put MND out of our minds for the day and it just felt like old times. Angela is determined not to let it get her down or as Angela put on her Facebook page “screw you MND”. MND is always there and we know that the MND is going to get worse over time.

We are going to have fun while we can, I have noticed that Angela has gotten a little worse with eating and speaking but it’s nothing we can’t get around, we try to make a joke of it and she has said to me “what will you do when I can’t speak at all” to which I reply “watch the television in peace” that raises a chuckle from her. Blackpool we will be back when you switch on the illuminations, I would live to see what their electric bill is for that quarter…




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