Here comes the bride

The newly weds, Mr and Mrs Gates, 26th August 2017

The 26th of August is a date that will always stay with me because it was the date when I married for the first time. This wedding had been planned for over a year and we were both looking forward to the big day. As the day arrived Angela made her way to the town hall accompanied by her daughter Victoria, who by the way, had arranged for a Rolls Royce to convey us to the wedding venue and then back to the reception hall.

Angela’s other daughter Hannah did most of the catering for the reception so she went over to the Oulton Institute early to drop off the boxes of food ready for our arrival, both Angela and I thank them both for the hard work that went in to making this day a success. The media was there to record a follow-up story for Calendar, a photographer for the Yorkshire Evening Post was also there taking photos during the ceremony. Angela used the tablet which has speech technology installed on it to speak her vows for her, however, Angela wanted to try to speak herself if she could.

It was an emotional ceremony and we could hear the sound of Angela sobbing in the other room, but there was not anyone there that did not know of Angela’s diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease and the battle she has with emotional lability.  The emotional lability means that Angela has issues with controlling her emotions at times and may laugh or cry at the most inappropriate times.

We all stood for the bride to enter the room the music began to play, the flower girls and page boys entered followed by a tearful and sobbing Angela who was holding on to her dad, David’s arm, she was looking as beautiful as ever. I hate to see her so upset and the sight of her crying upsets me. Angela knew beforehand that she may struggle to maintain her emotions on the day. As they entered the sound of the Pet Shop Boys song “Heart” filled the room

As we sat down at the table and the ceremony got under way with the registrar reading out the vows gradually the tears began the cease and a smile took the place of the tears. Angela had pre-typed her response to the registrar’s questions on the tablet. We talked it through and I knew Angela was going to try to say part of the vows herself.  I have to admit that I had to struggle to hold back the tears when she spoke the words “I do” in her own voice. After the ceremony, we both signed the registry and we became husband and wife. It was an emotional time for us both and it was played out in front of the television cameras, but we got through the day and we now begin our married life together…



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